My name is...
People know me for many things, including my neverending amount of kindness and modesty...but frankly, I'm just a fun vampire guy. Feel free to approach me for life advice and wacky anecdotes!
This site exists in 1998.Let's pretend that this site was made in 1998, where the times were simpler and internet-dwellers would use inefficient coding methods.

\ Woof woof! /
  • Touken Ranbu ... My wakizashi tried to parry but little did he know he used to be a naginata!
  • Maplestory ... A dexless Aran walks into a bar- he missed!
  • Granblue Fantasy ... Lucifer? But I hardly even know her!
  • Assorted Chocolates ... Hershey's is pretty good, but Ghirardelli is the best
  • 3/2/1998 - Made this website
  • 3/1/1998 - Took a nice nap from 4pm~7pm